Thursday, July 29, 2010


Thought that I am the one who is so emo and have thought too much, but am glad when I found that others were having the same thought. Feeling uncertain and unsecure.

My Qigong master told us our bodies have adapted to the changing environment, so actually it is a good sign when our bodies are sensitive and easily get mad with the surroundings. How far is it true? I have no idea, but it can be my excuse to be emo...

Been busy for days, training for the performance and rushing for the lab report. Really hate the lab, THINK THINK THINK!!! You all cannot think, that's the failure of our education system. Who will really remember what were taught, somemore few semester back? Did she remember every single thing during her schooling time? Then why she put so much expectations on us?

Submitting resume for application of industrial training next semester. Being told to be prepared to be sent somewhere beyonds our expectation!!! Just hope the best for the application. Going home tomorrow, it's time to recharge and put aside the reports, tutorials, notes...

Monday, July 26, 2010

Good Deed

Always want to give a try and go to for blood donation before but I am afraid of the pain and everytime, I end up standing there as audience, lol

And finally, today I have made a big step forward and go for it, as I know it will improve my health by replenishing new blood, lol... Actually, it is not that pain as what I have imagined, the bed is good and comfortable for us to rest and I like to lay on it, lol...We were given apple and kuih...

A good experience!!! I have done a good deed today!!! ^^

Friday, July 23, 2010

It's Friday

Spent whole day watching 巴不得爸爸 after my English class and lab. Watching drama could be quite tiring too. Training has been canceled and I went to Jelutong pasar malam with friends. As usual, I enjoyed eating the snacks just now. Walking aimlessly but feel great to kill time like this, don't have to think too much. Many people told me not to think too much, but as said in INCEPTION, if I tell you not to think of an elephant now, what is in your mind right now? The answer is ELEPHANT!!! And well, something's wrong with my blog, I can't log in once, and then now can't upload a single photo... zzz

Thursday, July 22, 2010

K-ing + Movie

Trying for times only can get back and write a few words and express my feeling, don't tell me USM is going to block blogger!!! Feeling quite bad yesterday as I found that my attitude to learn in class is not that good, maybe I get used to the only listen or spoon feed system. And I realize that I can't really think, unlike my friends who can think and got it correct. Maybe I just weak in thinking logically? Or I really hate to think!!!

Co curriculum has not started yet and the noon classes has shifted to night, we make it as a really good and acceptable reason for us to hang out. It's been quite a long time we didn't go out loitering and doing some stupid but enjoyable things together.
Once thought of saving money so that I can go travelling at the end of year, but I think I should just do whatever I want and put aside the money matter, sometimes thinking too far ahead is tiring. I just hope to act like an ordinary undergraduate, spending without second thought, especially in entertainment!

Singing is always my favourite past time but I found that I can't sing it well compared to last time, maybe I lack of practices, lol. Being outdated and not familiar with the new songs is kind of embarrassing. Anyway, I like eating and surfing the net using my friend's iphone bought in US *envy*!!!
Since singing didn't cost us much and is still within our budget, we decided to watch INCEPTION. Wow, it was amazing and I like it a lot. Obviously Leonardo Dicaprio looks much more mature compared to the him in TITANIC. Overall, a good day before we drown in lab reports, tutorials and notes. HELP!!! >.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010






Tuesday, July 20, 2010


又一年了,好像不久前才给书诚庆生,但昨天我们又聚在一起庆祝了,选择了我们平常都不会去到酱远的Batu Ferringhi The Ship主题餐厅,虽然路途有点遥远,但坚持要到我们很少会去的地方去走走,不想来了这么久还来来去去都是去那几个地方,闷死人!!!但吃的普普通通,卖点应该就是气氛!但要泊车前要确定我们是不是要在那儿吃,狗眼看人低!!!
山长水远来到这,而且本来是要到Hard Rock Hotel吃的,但价钱太过惊人,就决定吃了再到这里拍拍照,酒店很美,车也很美,但还是又遇到鄙视我们不是住这里,冤枉我们乱闯的Guard!!!最讨厌这种忘了他也只有在那里打工的份儿的人!!!


Sunday, July 18, 2010

日本鬼节Bon Odori

错过了前两年的Bon Odori,今年终于有机会去了







Sunday, July 11, 2010





Friday, July 9, 2010





喜欢经过The Store时飘来的冷气


喜欢经过大钟楼时听到Waving ur flag







Thursday, July 8, 2010