Friday, June 27, 2008

New Life...

Got to start a new life in a brand new environment tomorrow... Excited! Nervous! Hehe... Do hope everything will be just fine...Doing a lot of documents stuffs recently which drives me crazy again. I always advise my friends not to do their works last minute, but this time, is my turn to do things last minute. I don't want to, but I have to. Next time got to put myself in others' shoes. When we are facing the same problem, undergoing the same situation, then only we will really understand it.Those who stay up in the midnight to print the PTPTN forms for me, thanks a lot. Wakaka...

Monday, June 16, 2008

Teaching life...

Wow, being a temporary teacher in primary school (Phooi Yong) is just so interesting. Anyway, I will be there only for a short period (two weeks). The pupils there are adorable and innocent, undeniably, there are still some naughty and disobedient students who will drive me mad. Therefore, I always make the full use of the ancient and yet powerful method---caning to “tame” them. Holding the cane during lesson can actually play a vital part in order to make sure there is no distraction in my class. They will also keep their mouths shut if I give them a cross look. However, I did cause two little boys to have hard feeling after caning them. Luckily, they are happy-go-lucky type and started to talk to me after that.

Entering different classes which enables me to know more students of different standards by teaching them different subjects is great. Chatting with them is of the greatest part too. Although they will ask me some silly questions out of curiosity which are not related to that subject, I am glad to have such interaction with them. They treat me as their friend but in the mean time respect me as their teacher. A standard two little boy even told me today, “Sir, you are so cute.” I feel so the very Oh My God as I should have uttered that sentence and not him. Sigh…

Well, I am the temporary form teacher for 4A. That’s why I am closer with them. Their form teacher, Ms Ooi told me about her class and the lazy, naughty and talkative students during my 1st day to this school. Hence, I know them and their problems well but I find out that I am much closer to the naughty students. What a prank!!! Haha… Anyway, I satisfy with their performance in my class at this stage as they will finish the homework given. In return, I will try my very best to help them improving their studies… Great teacher huh??? Hahaha…. Not GTO anyway…^^

Group discussion in 4B
Writing testimonials is still the trend in primary school

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Life is short, value it!!!

I love to capture photos. For me, taking loads of photos whenever I pay a visit to a place is just so fun. We are getting busier as we grow elder and automatically there is lesser time and opportunity for us to chill and doing those nonsense things. Photo is the only thing I can keep, which reminds me of those crazy days we spent together and those craps that we had uttered. However, I don’t have a digital camera. I just use my mobile phone’s camera device to snap photos.

Flipping my photos albums just now caused me to lose my self-control and can’t stop myself from laughing. Those albums are just like the reminiscences of my youth. I had done too many stupid things in the past and yet I miss the past. But I remember my friend told me, don’t be trapped in the past.

Life is full of uncountable unpredictable events which appear as challenges to us. We can never know what will happen to us tomorrow or in future. We have to accept the ups and downs in our lives. There is no way to file a complaint to the God, requesting a perfect life. Life is short, value every moment you spend with your dearest one. Life is irreversible. There is no U-turn in our lives. Appreciate everybody around you. Let’s start it today, make it a brand new day.

Happy Father’s Day to all smart daddies today!!!

Smile always, like what the little cute boy does....

wakaka... ^^